Take Heart

by farewell cool reason

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released May 28, 2011

all words and music by farewell cool reason
engineered and mixed by mark schroor in newcastle, on.




farewell cool reason Toronto

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Track Name: Come Back Soon
everyday i resolve to put this down in words.
oh I promise that i will although i know i won’t.
you see it’s my secret plan to save the world.

a plan that i ensure by wishing on shooting stars
but I’ve only been wishing on satellites
still all my wishes come true.
i plot, plan and scheme, pray, hope and dream
for mechanical spacemen, robot wars and laser fights.

come citizens, come aliens
gather all around at the arrival gate.
with a watchful eye, an ear to the ground,
i’m looking for a sign
what will be the sound when v-ger touches down?

will it be the thunder of a miracle or is it disaster?
a heartache holocaust or will there be laughter?

oh v-ger. Oh come soon.
oh v-ger. boyhood dreams come true I know they do.
are we dreaming of electric sheep?
did we really land on the moon,
touch down! what will be the sound…?
Track Name: Where You Let Go
upon last assessment i witnessed a world in pieces,
saw no profit in peace left and i started singing this song.
now i, well I’ve been singing too long.

more than flashing lights, more than angry sirens,
red alert there’s blood on the horizon
the signs, they aren’t hard to see, hear, smell or feel.

this is an emergency.
like scar tissue covering something you didn’t want to remember
like scar tissue reminding you of something that you covered up
you try to drown it out but it won’t shut up
you try to run and try to hide, but time is never on your side.
try to fight back a miracle and cage the fury of a tornado,
you keep falling on your face, trying to outrun grace.

this song i sing i sing for joy.
this song i sing is sung for endings.
this song i sing, sung to destroy.
this song i sing, sung for beginnings.

when my lungs wear out and my bones bleed dry
these rocks will carry our chorus to the sky.
when you give in to the tidal flow
we can sing together in the place where you let go.
try and drown out the sound but it won't shut up.
Track Name: In Meadows
we took to the fields, oh how we ran.
snakes at our heels, my hand in your hand.
pulling me on, til our breath at it`s last.
up and over this hill we find our danger is past.
safe, we rest our heads in a meadow of sheep.
layed out on the heather, our souls to keep.
in the morning we wake, we run,
in your hands you carry a box
i say "friend why the burden?
what could this be you carry in that box?"

you tell me in your hands you hold a fire.
"surely friend" i say, "truly you must be a liar."
there and then, in your hands a flame.
a box consumed a fire that could not be contained.
now contains you and I.
have a look around and soon enough I find
through the blaze we’ve walked, out the other side,
unscathed, the two of us alive.

unmarred by the fire we set sail, unshaken by the storm,
my eyes fixed on yours.
through the howl of the wind, the growl of the waves
we reach the shore.
a father, a lion, a lamb.
my eyes blur i see three, my eyes blur i see one.
in a whisper, in a still small voice, in a roar
a mouth opens to birth the sun.

darkness flees, reveals I am a slave,
you set my feet on the head of the dragon,
i am smaller than the dust from which I came,
you speak my name leviathan. speak my name!

in a meadow of sheep, my hand in your hand
i saw lion where i once saw a lamb.
iwill be broken i will be strong and shine a light.
humble to follow rally courage enough to fight.
i will surrender, i will conquer, i will dare to shine a light.
today I am a lamb. tonight am a lion.